Be the brightest and boldest in the field this year as we count down to the return of the eventing season!

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With the start of the eventing and outdoor season rapidly approaching, keen eventers up and down the UK are getting very excited indeed! Whether this is your first season or you’re a veteran of many a one-day event you’ll have been braving the wintery weather to get your horse fit and have some key calendar dates to look forward to. Lorries and trailers are being cleaned, tested and MOT’d ready for action (hopefully not requiring expensive work!) and trusty parents and helpers are readying the grooming box and plaiting bands.

Have you dug out your kit yet and checked it’s all still in good working order? It’s hysterical how many riders I know who have a solid pre-competition ritual that involves lovingly cleaning tack until it shines, neatly rolling bandages and washing white numnahs until they are brighter than the snowdrops dotted around the countryside – but they don’t dig out their colours and jackets until the night before! Why not change that for the better this year? Get that smart jacket out now, and maybe even treat it to a dry clean!

And just imagine getting ready for your cross-country round by pulling on your very own, totally bespoke cross-country colours this year… Whether you prefer a stealthy and sleek single colour base layer and hat combination with some inspirational stars along the arms or a brilliant and eye-catching bright pink and orange combination then you really ought to take a look at the FoxyEquestrian website! The brand is rapidly becoming the go-to place for people who want something totally bespoke and individual for their cross-country colours, especially if that means creating a matching base layer and hat silk combo adorned with tractors and dinosaurs in glittery rose gold metallic vinyl with a rainbow faux fur pom atop the lot!

The sheer variety of colours and decorations you can choose from is truly extraordinary, and founder Sophie Sacco simply loves to help people create the most out-there, bright and fun colours going. There are 16 base layer colours, multiple different decoration shapes (stars, flamingos, unicorns, Scottish thistle, foxes and so much more!) in 25 vinyl colours that can be done a sparkle finish if you like! Perhaps you’re aiming for success with a school or riding club team this year? You can even choose, after all that other decoration and colour, to have the sleeve of the base layer personalised with a team or person name!

There’s still time to order your very own bespoke base layer and hat silks ready for the return of the eventing season, so don’t delay too long. The FoxyEquestrian team are on hand to help you, and they won’t even tell anyone if you actually just want to whizz around the countryside looking outrageously cool and cut out the competitive bit altogether!

Visit the FoxyEquestrian website here

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