The key difference between Wi-Fi & Internet & how it can help you

Ok I am going to let you into one of the best kept secrets – internet and Wifi are not the same thing! You can have full wifi signal but no internet whatsoever… Sounds baffling right? Let [...]


Be the brightest and boldest in the field this year as we count down to the return of the eventing season!

With the start of the eventing and outdoor season rapidly approaching, keen eventers up and down the UK are getting very excited indeed! Whether this is your first season or you’re a veteran of [...]


The exceptionally flattering tweed field coat that you’ll poach for all seasons and occasions

Emma Brown Tweed design and craft beautiful, British tweed country and shooting clothing from their base in Leicestershire, and their aim is to create practical clothing with flattering, feminine [...]


The story of how an amazing support network sent Pegasus Jewellery soaring to new heights

I’m so lucky to have a job which I love and which I don’t mind in the slightest that I immerse myself in it every single day, including weekends more often than not (sorry husband!!). It also [...]


*FREE* 3 day PR challenge – the notes to change your marketing strategy this year

At the end of January, I ran a FREE 3 day PR challenge over on my Facebook page (if you haven’t already, you can follow it here: https://www.facebook.com/tarapunterpr/.) The aim of the [...]


Keep your saddle protected with FoxyEquestrian’s innovative Stirrup Pockets

British brand FoxyEquestrian have made a name for themselves with their bright and brilliant cross-country colours and faux fur pom hat silks. They also design and craft a range of useful tools [...]


5 of the best pieces of beautiful equestrian jewellery from Pegasus to gift to your mum this Mothering Sunday

As Mothering Sunday rapidly approaches (it’s on the 31st of March this year, in case you haven’t got it in your diary yet), it’s time to look for the perfect gift for that most special of women [...]


Sharing the secret tool to ensure a confident partnership with your horse

Whatever you do with your four-legged equine friend, from pottering around the fields to jumping enormous hedges or tackling a course of mammoth show jumps, I bet you take plenty of steps to help [...]


Are you using royalty free image sites? Don’t make this mistake…

Royalty free image sites such as Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels seem like a great idea. They give you good quality, admirable content that you can share and what’s better, it’s free. [...]


Last minute Valentines Day inspiration for the country lady in your life

Valentine’s Day is a day all about spoiling your loved one and is celebrated all around the world. Whether you are going out for meal, or buying them an exquisite gift, it’s all about making a [...]

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