New Vitality Pearl Earrings from Pegasus Jewellery

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Pegasus Jewellery has enjoyed global success with the Vitality collection of magnetic therapy bracelets and rings, and the brand has now added beautiful pearl earrings to the range. The Vitality Pearl Stud Earrings (£30.00) combine gleaming freshwater pearls with that all-important magnetic power, set in a contemporary stainless-steel stud with a butterfly back.

The Vitality Pearl Stud Earrings have been designed to be particularly effective for those who suffer from migraines and headaches. Wearing a magnet on the skin, as you can with these beautiful earrings, helps to aid circulation and boosts the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients being delivered to the tissue.

Wearers of the Vitality bracelets and rings living in every corner of the world report that their energy levels are boosted, they sleep better, and niggling aches and pains are no longer an issue. It’s no surprise that the bracelets were branded the ‘little band of miracle’ by happy customers after their launch in October 2017, and the Vitality collection includes multiple brand bestsellers.

The brand-new Vitality Pearl Stud Earrings can help boost the oxygen levels and circulation to the area and ease the discomfort of a headache or migraine, whilst the wearer has the added benefit of wearing classic

and beautiful pearl earrings all day long.  As Jackie O once famously said, ‘pearls are always appropriate’! You can pair these earrings with your favourite silver pieces or other pearl jewellery or take a little look at the Pegasus pearl collection and mix and match to find your favourite look.

For those who are looking for an energy boost or a helping hand to combat aches and pains that doesn’t involve taking a pill, the Vitality collection is an excellent place to start. The addition of these beautiful pearl earrings to the colourful silicone strap bracelets, sleek metal bracelets, unisex leather bracelets and elegant metal rings mean there really is something for everyone.

Take a look the Vitality Pearl Stud Earrings and read more about the benefits of magnetic therapy here:

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