New Vitality Pearl Earrings from Pegasus Jewellery

Pegasus Jewellery has enjoyed global success with the Vitality collection of magnetic therapy bracelets and rings, and the brand has now added beautiful pearl earrings to the range. The Vitality [...]


Wrap up warm with cosy delights from FoxyEquestrian

It is SO very cold out there at the moment! Snow, sleet, frost and a biting wind have been buffeting around the Cotswolds near Tara Punter PR HQ lately, and it’s been a challenge to stay warm [...]


Samberwill Equestrian share their passion for all things horsey with their online store, inspired by their beloved racehorse, Go Charlie!

Introducing Samberwill Equestrian, an online store run by passionate horse owners, Hazel & Suzanne, selling a collection of beautiful things for both horse and rider. Samberwill Equestrian’s [...]


Landmark study finds feeding Haygain steamed hay reduces the odds of Inflammatory Airway Disease by 65%

The breakthrough research found that horses with fungal elements in their airways have a 2.1 times greater chance of having Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD) than horses with no fungi presence. [...]


50 blog post ideas to give you a years worth of content

We all know how great blogging is. It has a whole plethora of benefits including allowing you to show your expertise, giving your potential customers a peek behind the scenes and improving your [...]


Try some Vitality power from Pegasus to support your best year ever in 2019

How are your New Year’s resolutions going as we fly through January? Whatever your aims, I hope that you’re starting to see the positive effects of them – whether that’s a little bit of [...]


Stand out in style when you cover up from the cold in FoxyEquestrian’s Faux Fur Pom Hoodies

FoxyEquestrian is a British brand best-known for their brilliant hat silks topped off with an iconic faux fur pom pom and matching cross-country colours featuring fun designs, all of which are [...]


Keeping the stabled horse happy with Haygain horse health company

Box rest are words dreaded by horse owners and it can be extremely frustrating for both horse and human, something that is compounded by not being able to explain to the horse why they now cannot [...]


9 top tips to stop the hackers in their tracks

Hacking, is a term used to describe what happens to any data on the internet that becomes intercepted by someone that has no authority of the data (unbeknown to me, who years ago only knew [...]


10 things you might not know about me

I always find these sorts of blogs and social posts fascinating. I love a little insight into the person behind the brand so thought I’d give you an insight into my little corner of [...]

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