Functional, feminine fashion in the shooting field designed by a lady gun, for the lady gun

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The UK game shooting season is now in full swing as with the grouse season opening on the 12th of August, duck and partridge on the 1st of September, and from the 1st of October to the 1st of February pheasants are the target for the vast majority of game shooters. Whether you are a seasoned shot, or this is your very first season as a gun, keen game shooters are out enjoying their sport after a summer of practising on the clays.

Shooting is a sport that has historically been dominated by men, but the demographic is shifting. Country clothing designer Olivia Tullett has recounted to me the cold shoulder she received from all-male shooting parties when she embarked on her first driven game day with her father, something that has driven her to ensure women are able to feel happy and confident when they step out with their gun. We’re lucky to have some fabulous all-female shooting clubs such as Femmes Fatales and the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club, both forging ahead with special days just for women to try and improve at shooting. There are social media influencers and journalists showing that women are more than capable of standing their ground on any shoot around the world and looking good to boot.

Olivia Tullett’s shooting clothing collectionIt will come as a surprise to absolutely no one at all that women have a different wish list for their shooting clothing than most men do. A day in the field will involve long periods of standing around, lots of marching across round and muddy ground and being out in whatever the British winter throws at you. Men largely care about the technical performance of their kit and perhaps the provenance of the materials used but are less concerned with how it makes them look. Confidence is inextricably linked to appearance for many women, and clothing designed to keep you warm and dry in the great outdoors often doesn’t flatter the figure!

Olivia Tullett’s eponymous shooting clothing collection aims to rectify that, enabling women to go out into the field and shoot with confidence knowing that they look as good as they possibly can in clothing designed by a lady gun, for a lady gun. This isn’t just a marketing tagline – Olivia really does know her Browning from her Berettas and has been involved with shooting and the countryside from a very early age indeed. Olivia’s shooting clothing range is cut to flatter the female figure while boasting clever features designed to ensure that the wearer is comfortable no matter what, developed with an army of testers wearing prototypes in the field.

The Olivia Shooting Jacket has fully removable arms for those changeable days, a full-action back for swinging the gun and a unique pocket design that allows lot of cartridges to be carried without making the coat feel tight. There are masses more features, which is exactly why it won the New Ladies Clothing Category at the 2017 Shooting Industry Awards beating high profile brands such as Musto and Laksen in the process. Olivia adores the chance to create a bespoke item depending on a customer’s individual requirements, so all her items can be crafted from a range of 200 tweeds and matching complimentary linings.

The collection also includes stunning leather and tweed shooting gilets and a range of beautiful tweed fashion clothing. Whether you are looking forward to your days in the field or looking for the kit to help you learn to shoot in style, Olivia’s collection is the perfect choice for those looking to shoot in style.

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