Why Pegasus Jewellery is so much more than just a jewellery brand

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Kim Wilson, founder of Pegasus Jewellery, has a strong background in the trade – her great grandfather opened a shop in 1909 and it’s been part of the family ever since.  Her amazing idea for the equestrian theme is aimed at horse owners “who have enough expense but deserve to wear something special that highlights their passion.”

As part of the brand’s important message, they are fortunate to have a wonderful Team flying the Pegasus Flag in the world of equestrianism, and we decided to find out what inspired each of them to support such wonderful jewellery products.

Team Pegasus rider Nikki Davies

Nikki Davies fell in love with the brand after buying my first necklace and becoming friends with Kim. “I tried the vitality bracelet as I broke my knee, tibula and fibula 10 years ago and was hooked when this little band made such a difference to my pain.  Not only are the products great but the people in #teampegasus make it something special.” 

“This brand is about one lady having an amazing idea and making it reality” says Sarah Milson.  “Kim is so inspiring.  She gets us all involved and asks her to contribute, so you can be sure that the input really is for equestrians by equestrians.”  Sarah says that Pegasus has proved that you can have an idea and follow it through. “The designs are very simple yet so well made – especially the vitality bracelets.  I wouldn’t be without mine.” She also loves the snaffle ring because its “super stylish to wear out and about but also practical for wearing whilst working. Mine has never come off since I got it.”

To Anna Bostrand-Daly Pegasus Jewellery is not just an amazing brand with beautiful, equestrian based pieces, it’s also a company that developed a life changing product in the Vitality bracelet.  She explains: “it’s no coincidence that within 24 hrs of wearing this miracle band, I could take off my big cumbersome knee brace I had been wearing for years after an injury and osteoarthritis in the joint. I have never looked back”.  She also tells us that they have been beautifully made, not cheaply mass manufactured, or imitated, which to makes a huge difference.

Jen McLaren loves the brand because of the stunning pieces that “don’t alienate anyone at the checkout.  There are some gorgeous items which are utterly affordable and can make anyone feel special.” She also supports the support that the whole team receive.  “It doesn’t matter what you do – could be showcasing a product to hundreds of followers or simply getting back on your horse after an injury – the team are 100% behind us”.  The products she loves the most are the vitality range, and the simplicity of the snaffle necklace and earrings “as my “everyday” jewellery; then the glitz and glam of my pearl sparkle horseshoe necklace and earrings, which are my “go to” pieces for a special occasion.”  Jen goes on to say that she is always complimented…and everyone loves a compliment, right? 

With a wonderful team of true and genuine supporters, this jewellery brand is one in a million and stands out of the crowd with a fantastic USP.  Beautiful, stylish, every-day or special, cost effective and dedicated to our passion for horses. What more could you ask for?


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